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Rope Basket With Terry Gomez- Visalia Location

Rope Basket Supply List 

 The basket you make will be 7-8 inch round with a 2 inch height. I will show you how to wrap the rope for part of the basket. 
I will be supplying a kit with the rope I like to use and will also show some other ropes, that are not my favorite, but can be used. 
The kit includes: rope for a 7-8 inches basket, glue stick, wipes to clean your needle when using the glue, long straight pins and short straight pins, I will also have needles in case you need them. 

This list includes things you will need to make a rope basket. 
1. Sewing machine with a flat face and a Zig Zag stitch , you need the extension table for your machine to help keep you basket flat.
2. 3 wound bobbins 
3. Ecru or white 
4. Sewing needles-universal 90/14 or Jean Needles 
5. Scissors to cut rope and smaller scissors to trim. 
6. wonder clips, small and large 3 to 5 each 
7.Elmers purple glue or E600, purple glue works best.
(your kit will have a tube of glue stick , #7 is optional)
8. If you are going to wrap your basket, bring at least 6-1 1/4" Fabric strips of your choice and thread to match.
9. 8 inch ruler 
10. Stiletto 

Please contact us with any questions we are very excited to have Terry be guest teacher in the store!!!
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Rope Basket With Terry Gomez- Visalia Location

$ 40.00


  916 714 0904

       New York, NY 84045


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