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Beginning Sewing Class 3rd quarter Afternoon group (Elk Grove)

Join Rita in learning how to sew starting with a pillow case and ending with a quilt.  This will be a series of 12 classes.  Once a month for 12 months.
We will be using the School of Sewing Book by Shea Henderson. You will be required to buy this book (we will have it in our shop). Supply list for sewing supplies and projects are in the book.

You will learn how to use the basic sewing tools to make your job easier and fast. 

You will learn a new technique/skill each month. 

This is a great way to meet new sewing buddies also.

Payment will be in 3 parts. First 4 months is $100.00 next 4 months $100.00 and last 4 months $100.00/

This class is at our Elk Grove Location.  Make sure you chose the correct location before you pay online.

Beginning Sewing Class 3rd quarter Afternoon group (Elk Grove)

$ 100.00
This is for the first 4 classes.


  916 714 0904

       New York, NY 84045


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