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Norcal Sewing and Vacuum is a family owned business with three locations to serve you.
We pride ours
elves on providing excellent customer service.
Our factory authorized technicians can fix all brands of vacuum cleaners or sewing machines.
We offer the best prices on quality sewing machines, long arm quilting machines and vacuum cleaners.
 Thank you to all of the wonderful customers who support our business.

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We have two new amazing people now working in our fabric/quilting studio in Elk Grove.

Debi Kuennen-Baker is amazing sewing/serger/embroidery instructor who will provide training on all sewing/serger/embroidery machines sold by our company. She also will be helping around the store and teaching some classes.

Rita Traxler is amazing instructor joining our team to help our quilt store grow. She is bringing in some well known teachers to teach here in our event center and will be helping around the store. She is going to be working on our "Row By Row" project and other awesome store events as well as teaching a T-Shirt quilting class at our store.

Please visit our Calender for dates and times.

It's going to be one amazing year here in 2019.


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